Merging Inks is a collaborative spontaneous collision of ideas, styles and view points… 

This project is ongoing and kick started on the 1st of Feb 2013.  A platform in which established and emerging illustrators, artists and designers come together and co-create an exhibition to live music in front of the audience.

Speed x Art x Improvisation

You only have 30 mins to make your artistic strokes count then its time to switch canvas! Some chose watercolours, others chose inks or bleach as their creative tool. What matters most is challenging your ability to improvise and build on another participants idea. You might make it worse or you might take it to a whole new level but with a time ticking away you don’t have to wait long to see a result.

Great Talent

Not only does the audience get taken on a visual journey by the skilled artists, a live band also brings life to the experience. In between rounds talented and passionate live acts perform anything from poetry to percussion and dance.


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More info

To get involved with the next edition get in touch. Whether you’re a live performer, artist or volunteer we’ll be happy to hear from you.

If you want to recreate the Merging Inks experience as a great team building activity for your festival, staff, students or social group contact us to discuss hiring the event team.

Merging Inks Art Jam - collaborate with us