Mission accomplished at the Crazivity open studio that took place inside Somewhereto_ RE:Store Highstreet Heist Pop Up Shop.

When approached to get involved in the Pop Up, the question was asked what do you imagine the future of British high streets to be like. Crazivity decided an engaging gallery that supports self expression is a must so over the past 2 Thursdays at the Open studio:

  • Art sold
  • New art produced
  • Techniques taught
  • Commissions lined up
  • Speed portrait sketches
  • Public engaged in art and inspired some
  • Intergenerational life drawing sessions
  • New connections made between creatives and art lovers
  • The next generation of artists expressed themselves

& more! That would be a great addition to more high streets all over the world. Let me know if you share that vision, now its full steam ahead to the next Merging Inks Collaborative Art Jam.

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