Edition 2 of Merging Inks Collaborative Live Art Jam is almost here. So what’s new:
  • More live artists
  • More live performances from talented London musicians including Angler, Cherri Prince, Nathan Devonte and Vanessa Casperscz
  • Bigger Venue with a fully stocked bar in Richmix main space in Shoreditch, London
  • Great stalls with unique treats including fashionable freestyle art on your finger tips by Effy nails.
  • Opportunity to make your mark on a masterpiece or buy new art from local artists.
  • Free Entry

We still create a great atmosphere and welcome all to have a good creative time collaborating. What more do you need?  RSVP here: http://merginginks.co.uk/tickets 

Merging Inks August 2013 line up
Merging Inks August 2013 line up

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