Last Saturday on August 2nd, Crazivity had the pleasure of presenting the 5th Merging Inks, which was the first international edition which showcased London and Penang! The goal of the event was to bridge together the two artistic communities. It really was a day of collaboration and networking as our sixteen artists and six performers exhibited their best skills to charm our audiences. Artists chose which canvases they switched to and happily contributed their style and ideas to embellish each others work. The atmosphere was kept lively with our musicians as they switched between smooth soulful acoustics, foot tapping percussion and club style beatboxing. Merging Inks also had another first as musicians merged for the first time during the finale. Belle Bengala sang as Ben Walsham laid the track with his vocals.

The live stream aspect was very exciting as the two locations connected visually via video and Instagram as well as through Twitter. In London, Penang was projected behind the stage. On the screen you could see a boy waving and holding up his “I love London” sign, as participants in London held up their reply “We love you too!”. Tai Jiahui put it correctly when they said “It was truly a night of friendship through art”. It was great to see the engagement coming in thick and fast via the stream embedded on our new global site Despite the time difference, we had viewers as far a field as the US.

Below you can see some photos from the event and visit our Facebook page for the final pieces by the artists. You can also find the live stream film uploaded to

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