Recently I was commissioned to paint live over 3 hours for Telefonica O2 at their 3rd birthday celebration of Think Big their CSR youth project.

The piece was 100cm x 100 cm using  acrylic paint, spray paint and paint markers. I themed the piece around the concept of thinking big and coming up with project ideas which is what the programme is about.
The event took place in Wayra’s UK incubator  (another Telefonica initiative supporting fast growth social start up businesses globally) located in Central London. Between 6.30 and 10pm. From about 7pm the atmosphere was buzzing, drinks in hand networking commenced around me. Armed with my palette knife and acrylics, I put paint to canvas creating a well received spectacle for the stakeholders, young entrepreneurs / activists and other partners involved in the O2 programme.

Halfway through the evening, after his speech I posed for a few snaps with Ronan the CEO of O2 UK, who loved it even its early stage. He wasn’t the only one, as I painted I had conversations with others about commissioning their own pieces that I look forward starting soon.

I really loved taking part in this event and thrive off the energy and unpredictability as the creation evolves during the evening.

If you would like me to live paint at your event, whether its to a theme or freestyling and capturing the essence of your night and exciting your audience then please get in touch via Also if you would like to experience live painting first hand come along to one of our Merging Inks events; in which 10+ illustrators and artists come together to co-create an exhibition live in front of you. More info here

Ronan CEO of O2 and Roxanne of Crazivity Design Studio

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