Yesterday, Crazivity held it’s “For the Love of…Music” Art workshop in the CONS Project space in Peckham. It was a fun filled two hours as artists and community members alike came to create contemporary art pieces from classic vinyl records. With that goal in mind, participants used their imagination, inspiring conversations, and the music festival recordings that were rolling to create really unique pieces. The tables filled quickly with all kinds of paints, pens, brushes, and spray paint. In between the wall projecting Michael Jackson showing off his moves and the wall covered with graffiti in the CONS Project space, Crazivity made sure that the participants didn’t lack a creative environment. After finishing their works of art, participants showed off their pieces on the stage. Some of the records can still be found in the Cons Space on display.

Don’t worry if you missed our workshop, there are exciting events still happening in the space until the end of this month. And at the beginning of next month, August 2nd, we will be hosting our fifth edition of Merging Inks at RichMix in Shoreditch. It will be a joint event with Penang, Malaysia as part of the Georgetown Festival. Come immerse yourself in different cultures, watch live collaborative art unfold before your eyes, and jam out to a variety of music!

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