Brockley Max 2015 kicks off today, it’s the 14th year running and as usual we’re excited to be a part of it. Again we designed the festival posters and volunteer t-shirt but this year we also implemented the online events calendar and are putting on a few events of our own during the 9 day extravaganza.

Tomorrow we’ll hosting a mini version of our Merging Inks Jams at a intimate gallery cafe in Brockley’s centre known as the Brockley Mess and cueB gallery. We’ve put it on free to make it as accessible as possible so look forward to entertaining the locals with our mix of live art and music. It’s part of the partner festival Brockley Street Art.

We’re also hosting a Paint Feast in collaboration with bajan caterers Ina Pikkle at the My Jamii Cafe ( a terrific social enterprise where only NEETs are employed as apprentices)

Imagine that’s only 2 of the amazing 70 events that are planned from this weekend to next.bmax-banner-2015